North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds Branch of the Military Vehicle Trust

The North Oxfordshire & Cotswolds Branch of the Military Vehicle Trust drove by Great Rissington onwards to Bourton. This is the remainder of the schedule: 11.45-12md          […]

Technical Site

Watch Tower now sporting scaffolding

The plans for the Watch Tower Planning permission: Watch Tower Planning Permission Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2018 Jerry Flint


RAF100 Centenary Celebrations today

Check out the RAF website to know  what is happening today. There is also an APP you can download with more info.       Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2018 Jerry Flint


NOTAMS – 4th July

NOTAMs active in your area today (Wednesday 4th) 1) B1448/18: Temporary restricted area : miscellaneous plain language NEW Q) EGTT/QRTXX/IV/BO/W/000/999/5155N00157W999 CANCEL AIC M043/2018 RESTRICTION OF FLYING REGULATIONS – ROYAL AIR […]


Parachute Jumping

Standard weekly NOTAM: 1) H3419/18: Parachute jumping will take place Q) EGTT/QWPLW/IV/M/AW/000/120/5152N00141W010 PJE WI 10NM RADIUS 515130N 0014117W (LITTLE RISSINGTON, OXFORDSHIRE). DROP CONTAINED WI FLW CONE (ALL HGT AMSL): SFC-2000FT […]


This week the RAF celebrates 75 years since the “Dams” raid!

The audacious attack on German reservoirs in the Ruhr Valley with “bouncing bombs” was a major coup for the British Immortalised in the Dambusters film, the aim was to flood […]

Little Rissington

Rissington Local History Society – 18 May 2018 – talk on RAF LR

A presentation on the history of RAF Little Rissington in the Upper Rissington Village Hall. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2018 Jerry Flint

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