Station Headquarters

Pictures of the Sation Headquarters.

A miniature castle currently located outside the old Station headquarters, is believed to have been built by German POW’s in May 1945 outside Hangar 5 (Aircraft Repair Shed). Although in a dilapidated state it is Bovis and Linden intention to retain the little castle.

Thanks to Karen Milroy for obtaining this update. I have just added some photographs taken at what is outside the old SHQ (10 July 2015).

This is what Eric Johnson said about the castle: I was in the USAF team that first took over Little Rissington. We always had wondered about the castle model which was originally between the 2 small buildings that were between the half hanger and the full hanger. The numbers escape me. Anyway, the castle was in decline because of the winters. It had been kept up by the Central Flying School and then the Rangers but only in a very basic way. With the laspe of time between the Rangers leaving and our taking over and then a winter, the castle was crumbling. We decided to move it to the front of the HQ bldg.

One Sunday afternoon I worked with 6 of my people (there were only 8 there at the time), a bunch of shovels, and a 16K forklift. We dug out under the castle and ran the tines of the forklift under it. Then we very carefully lifted it and then drove it the couple of blocks to the HQ. Meanwhile, a couple of the folks had gone ahead and prepared a base of concrete blocks. We had a devil of a time setting it down because the bottom was just rough concrete and it was hard to level and keep from sliding off. Anyway, we finally got it set in place. On Monday, the PSA had a stone mason come in and finalize the base and then recreate any missing pieces. It was situated centered between the two flag poles. Once it was sited and repaired, it became sort of a focal point for the landscaping”.

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