Officers Mess Redevelopment

The beautiful Officers Mess complex, designed by Archibald Bulloch FRIBA is coming back to life. The East wing has a new roof and is already being divided into the new apartments planned for it. As you can see their are new windows already in place and it looks absolutely stunning.

One can only imagine what the building would have looked liked 76 years ago.

The main building is also getting the treatment and the roof is now being replaced.

Last week work began on the WEST wing and the old roof was being stripped off ready for a new red tile.

Linden obviously plan to market the new apartments very soon as a show office has been erected ready for business.

As a village, I think we are very lucky to see the site finally getting the treatment it deserves.

Once I have better access and day, will post up improved photographs.


  • Martin Lutyens, Chairman, The Lutyens Trust

    The comment above on the redevelopment of the Officers’ Mess attributes it to Sir Edwin Lutyens. While Sir Edwin was involved in an advisory capacity with airfield planning as a member of the Royal Fine Art Commission from 1931 to about 1935, it would be interesting to know what evidence there is for his being the architect of the Officers’ Mess at Little Rissington. The RAF station buildings of the “expansion period” were the work of Archibald Bulloch FRIBA and though Edwin Lutyens may have discussed the design with Mr Bulloch, it would be a pity if a buyer of a flat at Little Rissington were led to think that the building was by Lutyens when it wasn’t.

  • Martin,

    The assumption that you have kindly corrected, appears to be generally misunderstood. I appreciate you spending the time and notifying us all.

  • Re tunnels found by builders recently This might explain it Ghosts in ROC Uniforms via @UpperRissington

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