RAF Little Rissington

Officers Mess Newsletter – Oct’ 2014

Officers Mess Update Newsletter – October 2014 Click here for the Officers Mess Newsletter Further to the general development newsletter issued in respect ofwork at Victory […]

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Hangar 59 demolition

The landscape at once was RAF Little Rissington, changes significantly again this week as two of the very large expansion airfield hangars is reduced to […]

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Officers Mess Future

The Upper Rissington Parish Council have received notification from Linden Homes of a tentative application for Demolition of the central core of the Officer’s Mess, […]

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Airfield active between 0800 to 1730 on 13th Sept

There are currently plans to use RAF Little Rissington from 0800 hours on Saturday 13th September 2014 to 1730 hours on Sunday 14th September 2014. […]

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Planning Permission Sought for Accommodation

Location: 637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron, RAF Little Rissington, Upper Rissington, Gloucestershire, , Proposal: Erection of 56 Bed Sleeping Accommodation and Catering Facilities Click here for […]

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Airfield active 1st/2nd and 16th July

There are plans for Tuesday 1st July 2014 for there to be a Low flying Chinook and Puma helicopter and this is scheduled to take […]

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