“20 is plenty” purchase by URPC

“20 is plenty” purchase by URPC
November 8, 2019 Comments Off on “20 is plenty” purchase by URPC Parish Council Nomad

I see that the Novembers Agenda states the following:

13. To consider purchase of ’20 is plenty’ signs to raise speed awareness and the Payments for November 2019 state that there is an invoice for £131 from the previous meeting.

Clearly, the November Agenda is for additional signs for other roads in the village as the previous month also voted in the signs being paid for in November?

I am sure the council is aware that these signs cannot be displayed for more than a month on public lamp posts. It is therefore incumbent on this PC to lobby Nigel Moor and highways to enforce a legal 20 mph speed limit on adopted roads.

The real challenge is enforcing this temporary limit and to educate the YUMMY MUMMIES who speed through the village on all roads. The Mitchell Way roundabout is one car away from a huge accident, especially when people park indiscriminately adjacent to the roundabout preventing drivers being able to see on coming traffic at speed.




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