Author: Nomad

Author: Nomad

Cotswolds too large to be one national park, MP David Drew says
October 3, 2019 Public Open Space Nomad

Article from the BBC Gloucester, click here for the original with pictures. The whole of the Cotswolds is “too large” to be made one national park, an MP who has championed the move has said. Last month, the Glover report described the Cotswolds and combined Dorset and East Devon Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

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Dragon Vets Opening Soon
October 3, 2019 Little Rissington Nomad

For information, the two semi-detached ex-airman quarters were converted into a bhp when the site was old off in the late 90’s. They are now being converted in a vetinary surgeon that will open soon. 19/02983/ADV | Proposed new fascia signs and standalone sign to reflect new veterinary practice | 8A Sopwith Road Upper Rissington

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Fairford Movements in 2019
October 2, 2019 Aircraft Nomad

Picture by Wayne Lewis During the month of September B52’s flew alongside the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers. For those wanting to the actual aircraft movements at RAF Fairford, please view this website: The B2’s flew from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and flew alongside RAF F35’s, amongst other missions.     Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2019

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Six allotments allocated under pressure from a resident!
October 2, 2019 Parish Council Nomad

Allotments are managed the Parish Council These are the Draft Minutes – 11/09/19 that describe how the PC allowed Ms Sayers to interrupt the meeting of 11 September 2019 regarding allotments. If Mike South interrupted in the same manner I am sure he would be chastised by the Chairman. Was the outcome to everyones satisfaction,

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Social Committee Members?
October 2, 2019 What's ON Nomad

I’ve just read the input from the Social Committee regarding their Fete Success and a mention of the forthcoming Firework evening (possibly no Bonfire this year). A note to say that the Firework event is one of the most successful events in Upper Rissington, if you haven’t attended before, then this is a must attend,

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Miniature Castle
October 1, 2019 History Society Nomad

The miniature castle is in situ in front of the old Station Headquarters (Valiant House). Nothing has been done recently, let’s hope someone takes ownership to ensure its longevity. It is in good condition, except that the little castellations have been broken, probably by the weather or children. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2019

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Jubilee Gardens
October 1, 2019 Public Open Space Nomad

A wide range of pictures of the Jubilee Gardens will eventually appear here. A fantastic concept, but unfortunately after an enterprising start it appears that all concerned have abandoned the idea. There is a clause in the grass cutting contract that WODC will help to maintain it. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2019

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Play Park
October 1, 2019 Parish Council, Public Open Space Nomad

Will add more pictures to this post. The refurbishment of the Folland Park play park was funded by the Parish Council in two phases. The first in Summer 2018 and the second phase completed by Winter 2018. Special thanks to Councillor Brian Hanks for organising phase two at the very last minute. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2019

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Footpath – Harris Gardens and Mitchell Way
October 1, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Hopefully, we should have news of when the path between will be completed at next weeks Parish Council meeting. Nigel Moor mentioned that the contribution from the Parish Council would be around £2500 towards the build. Once complete, it will be another useful pedestrian access between North and South and make walking safer adjacent to

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Great Rissi Recreational & Social Club Fund
October 1, 2019 What's ON Nomad

Great Rissington Recreation and Social Club Fund was set up as a registered charity (Charity No 1115257) in 2005 as a conduit for contributions towards the building of the new clubhouse at the Great Rissington Club. The ‘catchy name’ was chosen so that future projects in the village could also be assisted by the Charity and its aim, as

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Fete Wash-Up in the Breeze
September 30, 2019 What's ON Nomad

Library picture used. Another great fete, with the event strengthening year-on-year as the village grows and more community organisations become ever more deeply involved. While the scale and variety of the fete has massively grown since the first fete for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012, the ethos and values have remained constant. We still balance

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Walker & Broadhurst are elected to URPC
September 30, 2019 Parish Council Nomad

Following the recent election for four councillors, only two nominations were received for the four vacancies on Upper Rissington Parish Council, so the two are elected unopposed: Sam Broadhurst and Kelvin Walker. ___________________________________________ Clerk/RFO: Ms Pauline Rigby Email: Telephone: 01451 810839 Address: Upper Rissington Village Hall Wellington Road Upper Rissington Cheltenham, GL54 2QW The Clerk

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Delfin Way parking.
September 29, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Noticed the other day that these two vans park close to the Mitchell Way roundabout making visibility for drivers somewhat awkward. Polite request – park on your own drives or somewhere more appropriate.

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Tree Survey and follow – up action!
September 28, 2019 Parish Council Nomad

The results of the tree survey are below, with suggested actions for URPC to follow. As we know, very little action has taken place in this important Health and Safety issue for a number of years. Hopefully, we can report that the Sopwith TPO request has been actioned very soon. SEE: TPO Request – Sopwith

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Council seeks specialist to take on climate emergency role
September 27, 2019 Parish Council Nomad

CDC – Press Release Cotswold District Council has approved the appointment of a climate change manager as the first major step in its commitment to tackle climate change. Councillors also voted to invest in studies from specialist consultants on the council’s current emissions levels and also to support a district-wide renewable energy study to guide

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Church Lead Thefts
September 27, 2019 Police Nomad

Wiltshire Police are currently being targeted with lead thefts from church roofs values in excess of £50,000 with 6 tonnes being removed in one night from one church. It appears from the sites that a van of no bigger than a transit size had been used. Please keep your eyes open for suspicious vehicles or

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Tennis Courts, Lutyens Court and Godfrey Place
September 24, 2019 Officers Mess Nomad

Fantastic to see the two tennis courts nearing completion. The tarmac was laid today, just the netting and white lining to complete them. It should be noted that the Tennis Courts were originally part of the Officers Mess complex, now known as Lutyens Court and Godfrey Place. Another fantastic new facility, provided by Bovis today

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