Bourton ANPR Camera

Bourton ANPR Camera
November 3, 2019 Comments Off on Bourton ANPR Camera Police Nomad

Source: Community Police Email.

I would like to update you all on our continued work with Bourton Parish Council and their ANPR cameras. These cameras record speed of vehicles that pass towards or away from them and also produce high quality images showing drivers and passengers.

Any vehicle caught recorded as travelling over the 30 or 20 mph speed limit have their details sent to the North Cotswolds Neighbourhood Policing team to be dealt with.

This week we were sent details of a black Mercedes that had been travelling in excess of 40mph along the rissington road on a number of occasions. I checked the details of the vehicle on the police national computer system and put the details through partner agencies such as the DVLA. the vehicle was owned by a person in the Bourton area. What I found was that this vehicle had not been taxed in over 5 months. The owner of the vehicle was subsequently spoken to about the speed they were driving and asked to slow down in the future.

Due to having no valid vehicle tax the vehicle was immediately seized by police and recovered from the property and the owner was issued with a ticket carrying a maximum fine of £1000.

I would like to thank the Parish Council for all the work they do with the cameras and hopefully this will act as a warning to other drivers!

Regards, Charlie Symes, PCSO 9251, Stow Police Station

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