Building 78 Demolition

Pictures tell the story of the removal of building 78. Centre section removed first.

MT SS (Building 78)

Building 78 being razed to the ground (located to the north of what was Hangar 80).

Pictures below – 14 August 2015

2 thoughts on “Building 78 Demolition

  1. My fondest memory of Bldg 78 relates to the use the Contingency Hosp made of it … particularly how it was done.

    The first unit to arrive was a 250 bed Aeromedical Staging Unit (ASU) that had been stored at Greenham Common (I think). None of the buildings were ready to store the pallets but that didn’t make a difference to the generals in charge. The pallets were on the way. For lack of a better place, we elected to put them into 78. We had no idea just what this meant. By the time we were done, 600+ pallets were inside building 78. The two civilians (Alf and John) and two airmen used two small forklifts to load the building … floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The only spaces that didn’t have pallets were the spaces left at each end of the building that were needed to open and close the doors. Open the doors and there, right smack in your face, were pallets.

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