C-Type Hangars

C-Type Hangars

The huge Pre-War C-Type Hangars built to withstand a direct hit by a 500ib bomb are currently used for Commercial Purposes.

Maintenance and Construction Notes on C-Type hangars here on a PDF file.

Notice the lack of serious maintenance of these hangars. You can’t help but notice huge amounts of RUST everywhere.

Clearly, at some stage serious money has been spent by the commercial company that took on the site in the mid 1990’s. The hangar doors were modified to accept articulated lorry access. Furthermore the lean too offices have had UPVC windows installed. However, since this time Reland have done nothing and the exterior of the building look in very poor condition. It would take very little money to present these buildings to a far superior standard. A coat of paint would help.

However, time has marched on and these hangars are all planned to be demolished by the end of 2014.

Hangar 56 (the most Westerly or {A}) was demolished in the Spring of 2013. The others starting with 80 {D} will go in the Summer of 2014.

This is an explanation of how the Hangars were configured when they were in use in the 80’s by the USAF as a back-up hospital.

The following information came from Ian Davidson who gleaned the information from the archives at RAF Alconbury – I need to make a visit. Ian mentions that the engineering drawings for the Hospital project, which was known as 4E are there.

The drawings state that main hangars were numbered 56, 59, 73, and 80 from West to East.

The drawings confirmed the bed layouts for 73 and 80, and the X-ray/beds setup for building 75, which was the repair shed to the north of the 4 hangars.

Hangar 59 we know had the racking system for Aeromed.

It appears there were no plans for Hangar 56 (located near the roadside).

There are drawings for the Officers Mess too, showing conversion to accept wounded personnel.

Hangars 101 and 102 on the southern perimeter were last occupied by Devonair. They confirm 101 converted as a drug store and medical store, with 102 holding all manner of medical supplies.

Ian says that archive is amazing and there is a ton of drawings, plans, reports, and books. Its a fantastic resource.

Has anyone any photographs of any of the buildings in use by the USAF?

See: Airfield Exchange Group.

Demolition at Upper Rissington

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