C17 drops paras at Little Ris

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On 12th April 2016 with perfect weather a C-17, flown by pilots from Number 99 Squadron, based at RAF Brize Norton, ran in for the first drop at nearby Little Rissington. On board were test aircrew from Number 206(R) Squadron, with test parachutists from the Joint Aerial Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU), supported by the RAF’s Airborne Delivery Wing, personnel from Defence Equipment and Support, and trials staff from QinetiQ both in the air and on the ground.

The first two parachutists were despatched precisely on time, landing with pinpoint accuracy on the dropzone below. This was the first jump into what will be an exciting time as the UK C-17 Force looks to the future. In all, 20 descents were safely completed.

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