Category: Housing

Category: Housing

Bovis Completion Schedule – 10 July
July 10, 2019 Housing Nomad

I have to thank the Parish Clerk for the latest completion schedule for the development and POS. The schedule covers the following 12 months. The schedule below has been updated as of 10 July.

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What’s under your home?
March 19, 2017 Housing Nomad

See this planning link. A very fascinating situation and an interesting solution. I wish the owners every success in their plan to preserve the history in their garden. This is from the planning application: Following initial excavations on site for the single storey rear extension a historic World War II Air raid shelter was discovered on the

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Site of Parade Square
May 2, 2016 Housing Nomad

This new development is on or around the RAF Parade Square and Accommodation Blocks. Construction was completed by SpellerMetcalfe. Upper Rissington now has a Retail Block, with parking which is a huge improvement to the village. The Cooperative are moving into one section and the Gym in another. Essence the Hairdresser is relocating to Bourton.

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Demolition of VH and construction of 4 dwellings
March 29, 2016 Housing Nomad

16/00694/COMPLY | Demolition of existing village hall and redevelopment with 4 residential dwellings. This application contains an extremely fascinating document: EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE THREAT ASSESSMENT In describing the threat of a possible ordnance on site it describes the history of RAF Little Rissington. Worth downloading. Also, this Comply Construction document describes when and how the site

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