Category: Infrastructure

Category: Infrastructure

Resurfacing of Farman Crescent
October 17, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Hopefully these pictures don’t depict the final solution. Why, because the surface as it stands looks somewhat unfinished and tar that will only damage your vehicles.   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2019

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FYI – regarding 20 mph Speed Limits and Zones
October 10, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Source document: Department for Transport – circular-01-2013 Worth reading for those who want to lobby for a change once the VF roads are adopted. 6.1 20 MPH SPEED LIMITS AND ZONES 79.20 mph zones and limits are now relatively wide-spread, with more than 2,000 schemes in operation in England, the majority of which are 20

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Mitchell Way – 20 limit
October 5, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Just heard that Mitchell Way now has an advisory “20” speed limit. Unfortunately, it is only advisory and cannot be enforced. Once the roads are adopted then a 20 limit can be requested and granted for the whole village. However, I hope people do slow to the advisory “20” limit as it’s a busy road,

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Speeders on Victory Fields
October 4, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

A polite request from a resident in the village: WOULD DRIVERS SLOW DOWN especially in the VICTORY FIELD’s complex. It has been noted that some of the VICTORY FIELD residents including mothers are guilty of speeding towards the school and don’t appear to realise there is a roundabout on Mitchell Way. Furthermore, they have been

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Footpath – Harris Gardens and Mitchell Way
October 1, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Hopefully, we should have news of when the path between will be completed at next weeks Parish Council meeting. Nigel Moor mentioned that the contribution from the Parish Council would be around £2500 towards the build. Once complete, it will be another useful pedestrian access between North and South and make walking safer adjacent to

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Delfin Way parking.
September 29, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

Noticed the other day that these two vans park close to the Mitchell Way roundabout making visibility for drivers somewhat awkward. Polite request – park on your own drives or somewhere more appropriate.

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Northern Boundary Wall Repaired
August 21, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

The Northern Boundary wall originally procured by Station Commander A.P.Ellis has been repaired by the Upper Rissington Parish Council. Our Parish Council has undertaken a small project to repair and improve the dry stone wall on the northern boundary of Folland Park. The pillars and wooded fencing are being removed and the dry stone wall

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Calor Tanks
August 1, 2019 Infrastructure Nomad

The Calor LPG tanks were repositioned to the Sourth East part of the village during the initial development of the village in 1999. This year they have been refurbished to last longer. There was a thought that the might not comply with regulations, now that houses have been built adjacent to them. Fortunately, the architects

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