Easter Egg Hunt – April 2019

Easter Egg Hunt – April 2019
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Report from the Breeze Magazine:

It sounds pretty sensible, buy 500 eggs, anticipate 125 children, print out ‘passports’ that limit each child to four eggs and the maths takes care of itself. We had good reasons for the estimation of numbers. We based our estimates on previous years and allowed for a 25% increase in the number of children because the weather was forecast as good and the

village has grown in the past year. The hunt was due to start at 11.00am and at 11.30 there were still people turning up adding to the 170 children already running around the field. We were a bit overwhelmed by the turnout but our volunteers coped well to bring down the initial queues.

We have made some plans for improving next year’s Hunt. The first thing we’ll do is increase the number of eggs to 800 and ‘passports’ to 200. Secondly, we’ll emphasise the importance of trying to get there at the start of the event time and that’s when the explanation of rules etc. takes place. It also ensures an
equal opportunity for children in the hunt for eggs. Thirdly, we’ll lose the dependency on the colour of tokens and children will have the opportunity of getting two small and two larger eggs regardless of token colours. Fourth, we’ll look to marshal the field. We’re fortunate that the little children in our village are generally polite and well behaved. However, in the heat of competition some over-enthusiastic behaviour was identified which in future years may lead to a yellow card and, in the worst cases, an appropriate penalty. There were a number of other improvements to our preparations that on the day admin identified which will ensure an even better hunt next year.

We were proud of The Cotswold School Interact Club and the effort and great attitude they showed when they ran a Tombola to raise funds for their charity, Barnardo’s.

The event isn’t intended to raise funds for the Social Committee and we use funds raised from other events to help pay for it. Checking what money came in and bills paid, this year the event cost £130 to run. Great value by any standard.

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