Footpath rear of Godfrey Place

Footpath rear of Godfrey Place
June 21, 2019 Comments Off on Footpath rear of Godfrey Place Officers Mess Nomad

Can anyone explain a resident wanted a footpath behind the properties on Godfrey Place, when there is a perfectly good road with a tarmacadam footpath only 20 metres away (and parallel to it)? The original plans for these homes on Godfrey Place was for their gardens to extend to the chainlink fence. Unfortunately, a resident campaigned and this was not allowed to happen, 2 metres from all these gardens was grabbed for an unnecessary footpath.

All these homes now have an extra security risk that allows predators to gain entrance via this path, which wouldn’t have existed if the Bovis and Linden home plans had been followed.

The argument was that it was a path for a number of years before the development and it should be retained during the time the Officers Mess was in ruins. It was never a formal path, it was one that was used for those that wanted to walk their dogs into what will become the allotment area.

Now the site is beautiful, I do not see the need for such a path as there are many other access points to this area.

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