Little Rissi’ Airshow 1972

Big thanks to David Harrison for finding these photos on the net. I contacted Mike Rose, who was very happy for me to use them. His FB page is here.

Spot how many types you can see. Remarkable to see a Mosquito and the Swordfish.


  • Good airshow, I was stationed at Little Rissington ’70 – ’76

  • Hi John and welcome. Have you any pictures of the station you can share with us?

    • Yes, though they were taken by my friends at the time, so could you put their names to the photos please? 🙂

  • John, I asked Mike Rose, see first post and I thanked him for allowing me to use them.

  • John. Two ways – send them to me and I can upload themt. Or I register you to post in your own name. Let me know your choice please.

  • To bad there aren’t any photos of the air show in 1982. All the bases were having their shows. So, we decided to have a show at Little Rissington except that we called our show Open Hanger Day and it was held on April 1st of that year. We had on display 2 250 bed airèvac packages … in boxes of course. We also had several forklifts and a display of precision driving. Our wives baked cookies and we invited the entire contigent of PSA employees and the contractors. I also managed to arrange a flyover by a classmate from Air War College in an F111. We broke so many rules and customs that I was forbidden from doing it again.

  • Eric, good to hear about this. Someone must have some pictures of the event. Bet the Aardvark scarred the wives! 🙂

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