Little Rissi’ UFO incident

This is an extract from the the link below from Dr David Clarke’s website, please visit this link for the full story (fascinating):

Michael Swiney (1926-2016)

Air Commodore Mike Swiney OBE, had been flying for nine years when he left the airfield at Little Rissington on the training flight over southwest England. As the Meteor, with student Crofts at the controls, they punched through clouds at about 15,000 feet both men were amazed to see ‘three white…circular objects’ above them.

He remembered exclaiming ‘what on Earth is going on!’

Initially he thought they could be three descending parachutes and, fearful of tearing through their canvasses, Swiney took control of the aircraft from his student.

As both men watched in amazement, the three objects appeared to change position ‘and lost their circular shape and took on more of a “flat plate” appearance’: much like the classic ‘flying saucer‘ of pop culture.

For info, the Meteor pictured is flying today and owned by the Martin Baker ejection seat company.

One thought on “Little Rissi’ UFO incident

  1. Dr David Clarke replied to me and asked the following:

    I would be interested to hear from anyone who recalls the ‘incident’ or has any information about it.
    Specifically, any documents or records that refer to it. The Air Ministry records on UFO reports made by pilots like Swiney and Crofts were apparently destroyed by the MoD. MoD say this happened as long ago as the early ’60s, yet Swiney told me he saw his report whilst working as Tech Intelligence Officer at Whitehall in 1975. Unfortunately he died last year before I could track down any of the documentation.
    If anyone know where these reports might currently survive I would very much like to hear from them.

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