Miniature Castle protected!

The Miniature Castle has been protected by Heras fencing. This was put into place following a request from Sue Lilley and Karen Milroy (UR Village residents) to Linden’s site manager, Andy. He was more than happy to oblige, as Building 42 (ex-Station Headquarters) will be refurbished in the near future by SpellerMetcalfe.


3 thoughts on “Miniature Castle protected!

    1. Great. It’s a shame it came to this but at least it’s now safe.

      The best thing about Bldg 42 was the wood block floor. A lot of buildings had it but most are now gone. Hope they save it.

      1. eric, speak to richard bullock from speller metcalfe. if you point it out to him, he might be able to get them to save/salvage it.

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