RAF Little Rissi’ – No. 22 “Training” Group Badge

RAF Little Rissington is now home to No. 637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron as the primary military unit, who provide elementary flying training for Combined Cadet Force and Air Training Corps Cadets. 637 VGS is a flying training unit under the command of No.2 Flying Training School and 22 (Training) Group of the Royal Air Force.

In 2016, the RAF Ceremonial approved a badge for No. 22 (Training) Group with the motto “Semper Resurgens” (Always Rising Again).

Also, shown is the original RAF Little Rissington badge.

Further to the above, 637 will be begin flying in March with their newly acquired gliders.

2 thoughts on “RAF Little Rissi’ – No. 22 “Training” Group Badge

  1. As mentioned on the other thread RAF Little Rissington never had an approved badge.

    This was a reply from the other thread that David Harrison received from the “Assistant to Inspector of RAF Badges”, College of Arms:

    “I have had a look through the files here and in 2016 RAF Little Rissington was officially authorized to have its own Badge which was based on the Badge of 22 Group RAF (an image of the latter can be found on the official RAF website). The blazon or description in heraldic language is In front of two swords in saltire a phoenix and the Motto is SEMPER RESURGENS which is translated as always rising again.

    Not all Volunteer Gliding Squadrons have received official Badges and I have not found that a Badge was ever authorized for 637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron although it is possible that the Squadron may make use of an unofficial design.”

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