Selling of PC Land for £250 – 9 Smith Barry Crescent

Selling of PC Land for £250 – 9 Smith Barry Crescent
October 4, 2019 Comments Off on Selling of PC Land for £250 – 9 Smith Barry Crescent Parish Council Nomad

Ref URPC: Draft Minutes – 11/09/19

Members considered a request to buy a grassy verge along the frontage of 9 Smith Barry Crescent. The Clerk had shared the Legal Topic Note on disposal of assets by public authorities, which outlines the obligation for local councils to obtain ‘best consideration’ and advised that the council had sold a similar strip of land in 2011 for £500. Members then RESOLVED to accept an offer of £250 to buy the land.


I hope that the Parish Council valued the land at 9 Smith Barry Crescent before the PC meeting on 11 September by an independent advisory. For example, the land required for the small development on Avro Road, had to be valued before sale agreement.

A similar piece of land was sold in 2011 for £500, consequently why is the land at 9 Smith Barry Crescent not valued at more than £500 EIGHT years later (I would suspect the real the value to be around £600+), yet it was sold for £250? Furthermore, just because land was sold in 2011 that doesn’t make it right.

Why is PC land being sold at all, especially as the Council do not need cash, and other residents historically have been refused land purchase? Also, why sell Public Open Space, when you complain that the developers don’t have enough land allocated to POS?

But if you do sell, at least sell for the true market price, as clearly advised by the Parish Clerk (see minutes). Finally, remember this land is being sold to a fellow councillor (see minutes).

NB: Who is paying the legal cost for transfer? Answer: The Parish Council, if the Agenda: 9 Oct 19 is anything to go by.


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