Social Committee Members?

Social Committee Members?
October 2, 2019 Comments Off on Social Committee Members? What's ON Nomad

I’ve just read the input from the Social Committee regarding their Fete Success and a mention of the forthcoming Firework evening (possibly no Bonfire this year). A note to say that the Firework event is one of the most successful events in Upper Rissington, if you haven’t attended before, then this is a must attend, add 9th November 2019 to your diary.

However, just trying to find out who is exactly on this committee and maybe a review of their accounts? Could something be added to their Facebook Group for public scrutiny?

The same can be said for other committees, such as Sports for example. If any of these committees are subsidiaries of the Parish Council, then maybe their members and accounts should be available on the PC website for public scrutiny.

From memory, I believe.

  • Declan Torris
  • Kath Finch
  • David Harrison
  • Wayne Fisher
  • Richard Arnell
  • Sandi Garrett
  • Keelin McLeman
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