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The following information is based on information from Wikipedia (I’ll update where necessary)

Imjim Barracks: 1977 to 1979

After CFS’s departure, the airfield was used by the Army, and with the arrival of the Royal Irish Rangers Little Rissington became “Imjim Barracks”.

USAF(E) RAF Little Rissington: 1981 to 1993

With the arrival of the United States Air Force in Europe, Little Rissington became the largest military contingency hospital in Europe. The aerodrome was cleared for C-130 Hercules and C5 Galaxies. During the Gulf War, Little Rissington was held on its highest readiness state for several decades as it prepared for casualties. The USAF left Little Rissington in 1993 and it was handed back to the Royal Air Force.

Below are some pictures I have borrowed from the USAF Facebook Group (if anyone has any objections please let me know). I asked for their use about 3 years ago.

Have to say I find this subject fascinating. I remember the Gulf War period well and we were aware of RAF LR, being able to support massive injuries. The threat was NBC, and to combat this we were jabbed with Anthrax and other compounds to raise our immune systems to anything that could have been used to attack the military in Iraq. There was also large hospitals were erected in Saudia too.

The pictures below are not mine and belong to those stationed from the USAF.

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  1. No. A C-5 never landed at Rissie.

    I was one of the original USAF contingent assigned to RAF Little Rissington. One of the items of research was what aircraft could get in to Rissington given the size and condition of the runways. The answer from USAF planners was that the C-130 could use the facility. We were also told that given the wheel loading, a lightly loaded C5 could theoretically land there because of the original C5 concepts of short landing/take-off from unimproved runways. This was never tested.

    It was my group that also held the first (and last) RAF Little Rissington Open Hanger Bay. Other fields had Open Days but we held Open Hanger Bay … on April 1, 1982.

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