“Field 9”

“Field 9”

In the Google pictures you can see the taxi way that snakes to the South of the Airfield?

There is only a slight trace of tarmacadam that runs to the West and South before cutting across the road again into the Southerly field to a storage area and the Hangars I have since found out are Robin Hangars.

Air Raid Shelter – 16 July 2015


Below is a Robin Hangar for reference and you can see the actual ones in the oblique shot.

Quote from Shakydoo from Airfield Exchange.

“Below you can see Wellingtons waiting for disposal in the fabled “Field 9” (slightly to the south-west.) The aircraft visible are mainly Wellingtons with, according to one of my old workmates who was with No. 8 Aircraft Storage Unit; (Later No. 8MU,) and came from Bourton-on-the-Water, just three miles away; a handful of Ansons, Oxfords and the odd Typhoon or two.

All these Wellingtons… (in excess of seven hundred assorted marks)… with the exception of a few that were refurblished; were broken up at Field 9; both by No. 8MU personnel and civilian contractors; and he said that a substantial amount of the then, low-value wreckage was dumped in the bordering woodland rather than being hauled away for smelting. This area has subsequently been identified as a site with “localised radium contaminated soil.”




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