The Vintage Pair

Below are pictures that John Clinton supplied of a Meteor and Vampire stationed here at RAF Little Rissington.

The Vintage Pair 1972 saw the start of a new aerobatic team at CFS. The Vintage Pair comprised of Meteor TMk7 (WA669) and Vampire T11 (XH304). Both aircraft were fully aerobatic and were in service with the examining wing of CFS until they started synchronised display flying. The team continued until 1986 when sadly, both aircraft were destroyed following a collision at Mildenhall. From that point public display flying was limited to singleton aircraft.

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  1. There was a film for TV made at Little Rissington in about 1982. The thing that I remember was a low flying jet that was purported to be among the first the RAF owned. It was truly exciting. Another time was a BMW commercial in which the tricked the camera into showing a hell bent drive down the nain runway … in reverse.

  2. The exact story line escapes me but it was a WWII setting and included some Nazi portrayals. We were out by the very new hangers and watched as the jet came in low and directly overhead. There were characters in a hay wagon but I can’t recall which side the represented. We later saw the film on the BBC so it was before 1984.

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