This week the RAF celebrates 75 years since the “Dams” raid!

  • The audacious attack on German reservoirs in the Ruhr Valley with “bouncing bombs” was a major coup for the British
  • Immortalised in the Dambusters film, the aim was to flood a vast area in one raid
  • 19 bombers left RAF Scampton, near Lincoln, in three waves on the night of 16 May 1943. The first headed to the Möhne and the Eder Dams, the second and third to the Sorpe dam
  • Out of the 133 crew that set off, only 77 returned
  • The Sorpe Dam was damaged but the Mohne and Eder Dams were destroyed, flooding the Ruhr valley and killing an estimated 1,300 people, mostly civilians

Please visit the BBC for more info on the Raid.

Story added because we have a street called, Lancaster Drive.

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