Devonair (H102/H103)

Devonair at Little Rissington Info from Devonair site.


Devonair recently relocated to Little Rissington at the beginning of 2007, taking up residence in the two southern hangars on the airfield, hangars 102 and 103.

We aim to provide a friendly GA airfield, capable of handling day visitors who may wish to stay on the airfield or explore the surrounding cotswold countryside. With nearby Bourton-on-the-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold and Upper and Lower Slaughter there are plenty of picturesque places to see.

Devonair is in the process of improving the facilities at the airfield. The hangars were previously set up by the USAF as storage for drugs and mortuary supplies for the Gulf War, fortunately they were never used for this purpose.

EDIT: As of August 2012 – Devonair have moved out. The Dove spares are being moved to a farm location for storage.

The Airfield at Little Rissington is owned by the MOD and used by the VGS at weekends and by The Military for practice tactical operations. For the last five or six years it has been open to GA.

All the GA aircraft hangared there have moved leaving a small number of Gyrocopters hangared there.

It would appear at the moment that Airfield will only be available for use by a small number of Retired or current RAF Personnel.

The Hangerage and three runways are superb, unfortunately the remainder of the Airfield is not up to the same standard with no electricity or water on what was the Devonair site.