Underground Hospital found at Upper Rissington

As part of Cotswold District Councils due diligence before the handing over of Public Opens Space, numerous bore holes have been drilled by EMG. To the surprise of the boring team (sic) they have found a huge cavernous void below ground on the South East side of the site.

Cameras have been lowered into the space and an abandoned hospital has been found under the new housing. The streets affected are believed to be Proctor, Beechcraft, Cessna and numerous others…… Very shortly, representatives of First Port will be knocking on doors of the homes affected, ordering the occupants to vacate their homes immediately, as it’s highly likely they could fall into the void and therefore may need to be demolished.

Please click here for full details of the homes affected.

4 thoughts on “Underground Hospital found at Upper Rissington

  1. I don’t believe that there is an underground hospital there. There was a underground nursing ward as a bomb shelter but no hospital per see. I was assigned to Little Rissington in the USAF days and we surveyed the base from stem to stern. The words “underground hospital” brings to mind labs and radiology and surgery and pharmacy etc. It wasn’t there. Behind Bldg 34 (I think, 36 yrs is a long time to recall bldg nmbrs) was a large mound and it was the bunker with the beds. Bldg 34 was the base medical facility. That’s it. The key would be to check plans in the PSA bldg right across the street.

  2. The photo above is from one of the main hangers that was converted. In the background is a row of gray. These are partitions protecting the surgical suites, as I recall.

  3. Hi Eric, Appreciate the info you have. Wish we could find more pictures from this era and before. As you know I used the picture for the April 1 spoof.

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