Village Facebook Group – you have been warned! :)

Village Facebook Group – you have been warned! :)
October 5, 2019 Comments Off on Village Facebook Group – you have been warned! :) Little Rissington Nomad

The idea of a village Facebook group is a fantastic concept, until the bullies join and then it becomes a vile breeding ground of hate. These are some observations that I noticed, before I left (no names given):

  • Residents that don’t like speeders, yet drive without care.
  • Admins that remove complete threads and posts, because they don’t suit their argument (which consequently skews the argument their way).
  • Residents who always think they are right and are excessively rude to contributors (the ability to have an open mind would certainly help).
  • Non-UK residents, who criticise others, who leave the country on a regular basis.
  • Residents, who give views without sufficient research.
  • Personal attacks from professional “service” personnel.
  • Residents who start a post of hate and then remove it.
  • Residents who start a post and then close it when it doesn’t go their own way.
  • Be prepared for pseudonyms, for example: Dodd Folland is ……………. Ellen Longmore was from the colonies.


The answer is choice. Either stay away from the Upper Rissington group or get some very thick skin.  However, if you want to troll there are those who always want to fight. I won’t name them but their initials begin with JDW, now isn’t that a drinks chain? 🙂 Fortunately, I will not be able to see the comments generated by my views, as I’m not a member.

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