Rissington Roads

Rissington Roads



Meeting to Discuss Adoption of Upper Rissington Roads (April 2019).

Those present:

  • Cllr Amos Peek Chairman URPC
  • Pauline Rigby Parish Clerk URPC
  • Bruce Simmonds GCC Highways Adoption Manager
  • Nigel Moor Stow Division Councillor GCC

Main points discussed and agreed:

  • S278 Barrington Road
    Extraordinary damage resulting from construction activity been remedied by developer. Final safety audit outstanding. 1.8km length from Bourton Road to Mitchell Way scheduled for carriageway resurfacing.
  • S38 Developers had offered roads on Victory Fields for adoption, lighting included. The extent and phasing shown on plans 0412-S38-106A and 0412-S38-107B prepared by WSP on behalf of the developer. Final safety audit required. BS been provided with list of residents` safety concerns. Although WSP plans show a number of roads on Victory Fields not being put forward for adoption by GCC, these roads remain part of the public highway and public access is not precluded.
  • Blenheim, Lancaster Road, part of Smith Barry Road offered for adoption by means of a Highways Dedication Agreement. Owner/developer needs to provide assurances to GCC concerning construction, drainage, lighting and safety before adoption.
  • Footpath Order for Lancaster Drive link. Suggestion to adopt footpath from Harris Gardens to Lancaster Drive so as to provide public access between old and new parts of the village. This could be achieved by means of an application to GCC for a Public Rights of Way (PROW) consent order. This would require a resolution from URPC and a formal application to GCC giving details of the rights of way established.
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